Friday, March 23, 2018

Shopping and Sewing!

I made another block yesterday - yippee! Maybe I can finish this block today? I hope so!

I also did a bit of machine sewing and there will be more of that today, too. Hubby's got a golf game scheduled and I'm all in to stay in and sew!

Speaking of golf...

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em??? Hubby and I went to our local antique mall yesterday where someone has a booth of used golf clubs. Hubby helped me pick out a small set with a bag - only $49! This will be a good way for me to stick my toe in the water without a big investment. 

He gave me a chipping lesson in the back yard - he says I'm a good student and learn fast. In the next week I'm going to the driving range with him to see how I do there.

While we were at the antique mall, I wandered around a bit. I fell in love with these pillows which will go live at the lake house. I bought some other lake house decor I'll have to share with you.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 22, 2018


I've slowed down a bit this week - all I have to show for two day's work is this 4 inch flower. I'm hoping to make another one today. I also have some machine sewing I need to do - a small challenge I'm a part of. Let's hope I get myself moving early!!!! Come on coffee: do your job of waking me up!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Another Flower Block!!!

Another block! Have you noticed that I'm not working on anything else? I'm getting so close and it's hard to stop now. Four. More. Flower. Blocks. To GO! So excited! This was a quick one to make and I'll be making one more of these.

Cooper was my sewing partner yesterday, but he needs to be more careful about changing the channel..

Have a good one!

Monday, March 19, 2018

A New Hobby?

Friday we went to Birmingham to see Daughter 2 and her hubby. We went to Top Golf. This is a fun family activity! Each group has their own 'bay' with a couch and tables and a rack of golf clubs. The golf ball have sensors in them to tell each person how far they hit it and how many points they got. There are different games you can play as a group.

Those round areas are the target you are aiming for. If you get in them, you score points. The closer to the middle of the target, the more points you get.

Here was Hubby taking a swing - can you tell he's done this a time or two?

And here he is giving me some tips. I look clueless in this picture!

He did tell me that my swing is not bad. I really enjoyed it and felt I got better as the session went on. So will this turn into a new hobby? Maybe.... Hubby is going to take me to the driving range (in our neighborhood) and I'll see how it goes. If (big IF!) I enjoy it after a few months of practice I may be asking for golf clubs for my summer birthday. I'll keep you posted.

No worries: I'll never stop quilting!

Scary storms are coming through Alabama today - praying they aren't as bad as predicted. We're off for our physicals now!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Another Flower Block

I finished another Bring Me Flowers block yesterday. The pattern calls for circle to be appliquéd to the center of the blossoms, but my points came together so well that I think I'll leave them off.

Then last night I made these three flowers for the next block. They're ready to be appliquéd to background squares. 

This quilt will be coming together soon!

Today I have a Walmart grocery pickup and I have to do some household chores. But I might just finish this block, too - I hope so!

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Guild Meeting!

Thursday night's guild meeting was a good one! When I walked in and saw these quilts at the front of the room...I knew we were in for a treat. I recognized them as Jen Kingwell patterns!

Midnight at the Oasis - I want to make one! So happy and fun!

Gypsy Wife -

I can't remember the name of this pattern, but I know it's in the book, Quilt Lovely by Jen K.

Can't remember this pattern name either...

Glitter! I've barely started one of these.

Happy Birds!

Circle Game!

Our program was a put on by a shop in Montgomery - about an hour away. I've been in there a couple of times and they do have a beautiful selection of fabrics. They are also my Bernina store for repairs and maintenance.

I was in hog heaven as their Jen Kingwell 'expert' talked to us about the quilts and tips for making them. Fun evening! And I learned some good tips that I hope to use TODAY!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Two Mini Blocks...

Here I am this morning, sitting by the fire with the two mini blocks I made yesterday. I'm working on the third, but last night I was too tired to finish it. You will notice that these blocks have mix and match flowers petals - running out of fabric! Haha!

I think my body might be finally adjusting to the time change. My sleep pattern has been so off this week. But last night I went to bed at a good time and woke up at a good time. Yay!

I have a small bit of machine piecing to do today - just one block - and then I hope to work on the third little flower block. Sounds like a plan!

Enjoy your day!